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Mécénat Musica


The OPCM is part of the Mécénat Musica program which is a cultural program by donors for donors created in 2013. Mécénat Musica encourages individuals to make an in perpetuity donation of $25,000 to a cultural organization that is important to them, and encourages philanthropic families to match these individuals’ donations with donations of $250,000.

Sometimes giving more costs less!


The net cost to an individual of a $25,000 donation after personal tax credits is $6,750 and is due among other credits, to an additional tax credit from Revenue Quebec for one major cultural donation, which can only be claimed by the donor once in his or her lifetime.

Funds Matching

A donation of $25,000 allows the admissible cultural organization to apply to the Fondation du Grand Montreal’s (FGM) Mécénat Musica program for funds matching from participating donor families and for matching grants from le Ministère de la Culture et des Communications du Québec and/or Canadian Heritage.

Potential Impact


This can increase the capital raised for each $25,000 donation to up to between ~ $70,000 and ~ $250,000 – or up to 10 to 37 times the individual's after tax cost of $6,750. This money is deposited into the FGM in perpetuity fund of the OPCM to allow the organization greater impact in the realization of its mission to create the next generation of music lovers, or mélomanes, through awe-inspiring productions bringing together professional orchestra and choir.


Your donation is a gesture like no other that enhances culture today and for generations to come.

For any questions, please contact us by email.

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